Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watch out for the Facebook Scam!

Many Facebook users receive notifications by email when they are tagged in pictures, or if someone had written something on their wall and so on. This is not a really a good idea because of a newly discovered malware by the security firm "Sophos". Why isn't it a good idea? Basically, because this malware sends a fake email notification masquerading "Facebook Notification Emails" informing you that "one of your friends has tagged you in a picture". Once you click on the link provided in the email, a file that is able to infect your Windows-operated computer will be downloaded automatically, allowing hackers to gain control and access to your PC. 

This is how the email looks like:

How identify this Malware?
Usually, when Facebook sends you an email notification, it identifies the user that tagged you in a photo, wrote on your wall or sent you a message by displaying the Name or Alias. Notice that in the above picture, this email does not specify who tagged you, it just states that "one of your friends". So whenever you see "one of your friends" in the email notifications, do not open that email, just delete it and mark it as junk mail.

Another way to protect yourself from this scam is to stop email notifications in general. Who wants a bulk of email notifications in their inbox? It just causes your inbox to be congested and that will discourage you from checking your email more often. I advice you to stop these email notifications. So whenever you receive an email notification from Facebook, it will probably be a scam since you already stopped all email notifications. You can always check your Facebook notifications on the Facebook site itself. It is simple, easy and most importantly safe.

Always remember to keep your antivirus up to date, that will also help in identifying new malware.

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