Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gauss A targeted Cyber Threat

What is Gauss?
In simple words Gauss is a new virus capable of spying on bank transactions and stealing sensitive data such as browser passwords, cookies and network information has been discovered infecting computers in Middle East. 
Called Gauss aka Win32/Spy.Gauss.A, the virus may also be capable of attacking critical infrastructure and was very likely built in the same laboratories as Stuxnet, the computer worm widely believed to have been used to attack Iran's nuclear program.
Gauss Complexity
Kaspersky Lab would not speculate on who was behind Gauss, but said the virus was connected to Stuxnet and two other related cyber espionage tools, Flame and Duqu. Experts said that surveillance viruses like Gauss are perfect tools for government intelligence units to gather information for such investigations.
The discovery of Gauss indicates that there are probably many other related cyber-espionage malware in operation. The current tensions in the Middle East are just signs of the intensity of these ongoing cyber-war and cyber-espionage campaigns.
The Moscow-based firm said it found Gauss had infected more than 2,500 personal computers, the bulk of them in Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories

Why the name Gauss
Kaspersky Lab said it called the virus Gauss because that is the name of the most important module, which implements its data-stealing capabilities.

The toolkit earned its name because of references discovered within the code that pay tribute to mathematicians and philosophers. Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician.

Stop the Gauss
1- Make sure that your anti virus definitions are up to date. 
I assume that you already use an antivirus.
2- continuously monitor all the PCs you use for the Trojan "win32.Gauss" 
3- Refrain from Using the Option "Save Password" that stores your credentials within web browsers.
4- Keep your Operating System Up to date. 
5- Change your Password using a trusted clean, in case you doubt that your PC is or was compromised by Gauss or any other Virus.
6- Exercise cautious when using external storage devices (CDs, USBs), in order to limit the propagation of the Gauss or any other infection.

Finally In order to remove this Malware follow one of the following links and install the appropriate removal tool / Antivirus:

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