Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Technology Protects your Storage Devices

We previously discussed USB flash drive security and how to protect it. ThumbDrive has developed a new technology to prevent unauthorized access to the information stored on your USB by using a fingerprint authorization.

This USB has some advantages and disadvantages. Aside from securing your data, the advantages of this USB is that you can configure it to grant access to at most three users. You can also partition the USB flash drive to divide the storage capacity into secured data and open or unsecured data. It is a small, easy to set up and easy to access USB with an interface that reads your fingerprint.

Unfortunately, this USB has two major disadvantages, cost and storage capacity. Storage capacity is an essential issue when buying storage devices. The ThumbDrive flash drive is available in 16, 32, 64 and 128MB, which is relatively small compared to our day-to-day flash drives. The reason behind this issue is that the flash drive is mainly designed to hold confidential files, and these files are usually personal files, legal documents, and financial or accounting data that don’t require huge storage capacity. So capacity isn’t really an issue here. Another major disadvantage is cost. The ThumbDrive touch 16MB costs $160, 128 MB $465, which is really a major concern for the buyer.

Another solution for securing sensitive data on your flash drive is by using the newly designed “Voicelok Voice Authenticating USB drive”. This USB uses “voicecode”, in other words, it uses voice recognition to secure your data. The USB’s software detects precise frequencies and shades in the user’s voice. The advantages of this flash drive is that its price is much more reasonable than the fingerprint flash drive and has a better storage capacity, around $46 for a 8GB USB. Unfortunately this USB is still not reliable as the reviews indicate.

If you want my advice, the best solution is to check the “Lenovo ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive”. The hard drive protects the data from unauthorized access by requiring the user to enter a code into the numeric pad located on the hard drive. It allows up to ten different users and an administrator. It has a huge storage capacity compared to the fingerprint flash drive and its price is perfect, $179 for 160GB and $219 for the 320GB. The size of the hard drive is similar to the size of any other normal hard drive.
Paying a little extra money to protect your information that can cost you a lifetime is worth it. If you have sensitive information and don’t want it falling in the wrong hands, I suggest you go for reliable technology like fingerprint flash drives or the numeric pad hard drive.

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