Sunday, April 1, 2012

Protecting your USB flash drive

Flash drive, a typical USB mass storage device, commonly known as the USB. The USB is a mobile device that stores our day-to-day data. As common mobile device users, we should understand the importance of password protecting a USB. USB's are vulnerable, as they are likely to be lost because of their small size, stolen, or can be simply corrupted.

Imagine you have some important data on the USB stick, not music or videos, however people often put something like business presentation, coursework, and contract draft in the USB. In order to avoid data theft from the USB we need to protect our USB by using USB encryption software, in other words, a PASSWORD. Common USB encryption software is Wondershare USB Drive Encryption. This software can provide your USB stick with password protection. In addition, it provides you with a read-only option- an option that allows you to read data from the USB ONLY rather than altering the data - to protect the encrypted data on the USB flash drive. 

Here are some tips that will help you increase you protection rate: 
  • Keep personal and business USB flash drives separate.
  • Use anti-virus software, a firewall and anti-spyware software to make you computer less vulnerable to attacks, as you know, USB flash drives can easily be infected with a virus that might corrupt the data in the USB. Also, make sure to keep the virus definitions up to date.
  • Do not attach your USB flash drive to an infected or public computer, since the virus will be transferred to the USB in no time infecting all the data in your USB. This data maybe not be recovered depending on the nature of the virus.
  • It is good practice to backup your data on daily basis. If not daily, then weekly basis is enough. This will help you recover your data since you have a copy of your data in case your USB flash drive is corrupted or lost.
  • Always make sure you unplugged your USB flash drive wherever you are. People are likely to forget to unplug it.
  • Do not put your USB anywhere you might forget later. Put it with your keys or in a safe drawer.

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