Saturday, April 28, 2012

Online Payment

I think this is a joke, but stupid hackers will always find preys.
Online payment is becoming an integral part of our life, still it poses multiple risks ranging from identity theft to financial losses.
Here are some safety tips to follow when purchasing online:
  • Use a prepaid internet card, you can ask your bank for an internet credit card with a low credit line in order to limit the loss should that cards be stolen. You should recharge this card with the exact amount needed before usage.
  • Use your credit card diligently with well known websites – trusty websites (appstore, amazon, your airlines…)
  •  Verify that the URL you are using is right and always look for the "S". (https)
  • Monitor your statement for any suspicious transactions on a weekly basis, directly report any fraud or theft to your issuing bank.
  • Subscribe to SMS or email services that can directly notify you with every transaction after seconds of being conducted.
  • Don’t ever send your Credit Card number using email, fax, SMS or any other communication media.
Shop online safely

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