Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Disaster In The Making

While I was having some paper work done at a public institution, whose name I would rather not disclose, I came across an unpleasant scene. Being provoked by these things, I picked up my cellular phone and took this picture.

In this picture I can spot: Fire Alarm System, Intrusion Detection System Panel, DVR System (Digital Video Recorder for surveillance cameras), Network Switch, Exposed Cables, Multiple electricity adapters and contactors.

I guess this image is what we information security people classify as a disaster in the making.
It is just a matter of time, where intentionally or unintentionally, these systems are going to fail: the exposed wiring imposes the risk of fire or even electrocution.

Information Security doesn’t only address the protection of servers, password, firewalls and antivirus software, but also it is concerned with physical security and people safety. After all restoring lost data is often possible, but restoring people is impossible.


  1. Ahmad, Bisharafak where is this picture taken ?
    I think these guys abide by a clear ISO standards!
    Wish you all the best


  2. Ahmad,did you noticed that the cash-cable are "y" shape with red dot on its middle top "Fire Alarm" I think an Indian Guy installed it,its a piece of ART.

    1. you are right Rabih, it does look like this, but I am sure it is not a piece of art. It is a piece of disaster