Thursday, March 29, 2012

No! I'm Not Falling For That One!

I received an E-mail message informing me that someone had posted something about me on twitter; the message came with a “click here”in order to view the twitter mention.

Although the email feels suspicious, I decided to play along; when I clicked on the “click here” link I was directed to the Twitter Sign On page with the message “Your session has timed out, please re – login.”

As I looked at the URL address this site has, I got the whole idea.
Another Lame method to steal accounts

Before you type in your credentials to login to any website, look closely at the URL. Don’t fall for these silly tricks.

facebook , twitter, hotmail and many other websites use https and not http in their “Login Page”.
It is a very good idea to look for https before you login.

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